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Highlighted Artist at Walter Art Gallery

During the Covid -19 pandemic it has been hard to have shows at galleries and musuems with many events and gatherings being canceled. Im so glad that galleries are taking the initiative and getting creative in the way they show artworks right now. Im happy to have my work featured as a highlighted artist for Walter Art Gallery. You can follow their daily posts of my work FB and Instagram and read snippets of my interview with Charlotte Strawn gallery curator.

"We asked Adkins what her favorite medium to use is, she replied:

I have 2 favorite mediums and they are oil paints and watercolor. I love being able to easily blend and move color and have a wet surface to go back into and manipulate, both are similar in different ways. With watercolor there are so many different things you can use such as, salt, tea, kool-aid and rubbing alcohol; to alter an image and it becomes more like an experiment of what's going to happen and how I can use different elements with the water."

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